Me Lucie Chartrand

Bar Admission

Faculty of Law
Université de Montréal

Assistant : Sylvie Lecompte
Tel. : (514) 425-2233 ext. 225



A graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal, Me Lucie Chartrand has been practicing law since 1981. She specializes in family law, a field in which she has acquired extensive experience over the years pleading the often complex issues of separation and divorce, including child custody, the calculation of support, and the partition of property. In 1990, she partnered with Me André Aumais to found the law firm of AUMAIS CHARTRAND AVOCATS INC.

Me Lucie Chartrand has a reputation for trust within the legal community. She earned her excellent reputation through her efforts, tenacity and creativity in effectively resolving family conflicts. She makes it a point to continually upgrade her skills in the field of family law in order to adapt to changes in legislation that reflect a constantly evolving society.

Me Lucie Chartrand participate in a number of amicable settlement conferences and is a certified family mediator. She believes that the best way to arrive at a fair settlement while avoiding lengthy and costly procedures is through adequate information, communication, and reconciliation.

Me Lucie Chartrand has served on the board of directors of the Centre de femmes La Moisson for many years, both as member and chair.

Tel. : (514) 425-2233 ext. 224

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